How U&I do it

How U&I do it

What we we do is the opposite of off-the-shelf business training and development — for U&I it's all about the power of personalised learning! It's what makes us special; it's what makes our training and coaching work. This is how we do it.


We take a unique & innovative approach

Only by recognising your uniqueness can we make a real difference. It means starting our work with much more than your average training needs analysis! This first step is about reality, not theory, so we take a mentoring approach to identify the real root of the challenges you face. Sometimes, that might mean telling you that training is not the answer, but our honesty is vital - we pride ourselves on solutions that succeed - even if it means turning work down where we don't think it would be the best use of your time and money.


Using understanding & intelligence

Before we can make solid recommendations, we need to build our understanding of you... what previous training have you commissioned? What do you want training to achieve and what systems are already in place to support people development? We might even want to talk to the staff you're looking to train, for their perspective. It's all part of building the detailed picture that will enable us to do our very best for you.


With unity & insight

Years of varied experience and formal training have given us everything we need to design and deliver outstanding training that's completely in line with your needs. The way we build our understanding, the way we translate that into an answer, the way it's cohesively delivered, the way it's followed up... it comes from having seen and solved it all before, knowing what works and ensuring that we're all united in our approach.


We unlock & inspire the potential of your staff

Real learning is about so much more than ticking boxes, or gaining certificates. It's about passing on genuine understanding and building confidence. We know the importance of truly engaging people in learning by making it relevant, and inspiring them to see what they can do.


For real upturn & improvement in business

Sometimes in our early meetings clients will ask 'how will I know this is working?' and it's a good question! All too often training is delivered in isolation, and when that happens, there's no way of telling if it's a hit or a miss. The key to the U&I approach is tying our work in with the performance of your business and your people. If we know what you need to improve, that's what our training will be designed to achieve, and we'll put measures in place to prove it's working.